Now that’s what I call parent engagement!
— Principal, LCM School District
I'm really impressed with the information update. It was super easy to use and fast! I loved it. SO MUCH BETTER than the old one!
— Hall Middle School Secretary
In past years, we’ve never had this high of a response rate for the Annual Info Update process before school started.
— Director of Communications, LCM School District
Love the addition of [driver] volunteers and # of kids they can take to field trips! So cool! Glad to see our feedback being used.
— Teacher, LCM School District

Our Features


Easily create events and track responses.


Keep everyone updated in real time.

Field Trips

Organize field trips in less than two minutes.


Secure and integrated payments for school activities & supplies.

Digital Signatures

Gather legal approvals without friction.

Forms & Registration

Easily create actionable forms and track responses.

Classroom Volunteering

Get the support you need when you need it.

And More...

Tell us what else you’d like to have.

Everyone Wins with Blupods


  • Organize all classroom activities with ease.
  • Save 2+ hours/week in coordination time - that's two full work weeks every year.
  • Get parents' responses for field trips and classroom volunteering within hours, not weeks!
  • Help the environment and reduce costs by eliminating wastes
    of paper and ink.
  • Follow simple templates to get the responses you need.

principals, administrators...

  • Monitor engagement levels and all communication/correspondence
    across the district.
  • Communicate in real time with all parents & teachers.
  • Enjoy 100% trust in data accuracy across a school’s ecosystem (incl. PTA, Fundraising, Hot Lunch, etc.)
  • Stop wasting time exchanging/cleaning data -> no manual inputs!
  • Replace various non-compatible systems with one tool fully integrated with your SIS.
  • Support teachers with efficient communication tools - reduce admin time.
  • Save money and make your school eco-friendly by eliminating
    wastes of paper and ink.


  • Respond to all school requests with just one touch (App, Web, SMS)
  • Keep your kid's life organized - no more digging through backpacks.
  • Get all school communications in one place & reduce the number of apps needed to manage your child’s life
  • Be actively engaged with your kid’s school life

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