BluPods Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Pod?

Pods are groups, organized around a center of interest. They can be classrooms, teams, classes, library groups, etc… Any entity that has a coordinator that organizes activities and drives engagement, is a pod. And the better defined the pod, the better the engagement.

2. Why is it called BluPods?

The “Pod” part was always going to be there, pods being at the center of what BluPods is about. As for the ”Blu”, that is a story for another time. Let’s just say it involves a race, and represents some of the spirit of BluPods, about being active, and engaged, but also carefree.

3. How are you different from Facebook Groups or other group messaging apps?

We are very different. Most group messaging apps, including Facebook Groups, are focused on providing free-flowing exchange of messages for members of the groups. There is no built-in structure, no aggregation of data, no metrics provided. With BluPods, every post has a purpose and a built-in action, making is really easy to respond and track commitments

4. Does everyone I want to send a post to have to download the app?

No, if you invite someone to your Pod, and send a message to the Pod they will receive it. If they did download the app, then they’ll get a post in BluPods. If they didn’t (yet), they’ll get an email with information and a link to action your post. Of course, once they download the app, they’ll benefit from notifications, calendar integration and more.

5. Where are the posts from my Inbox?

Once you action a post, it moves away from your inbox, but you can always find them, organized by pod, under the Pod Central tab.

6. Are events integrated into my Calendar?

Yes, anytime you action a post and have a commitment associated to the post, it will create an entry in your native phone calendar in addition to the built-in calendar in BluPods. If you want to update a response (i.e. from yes to no), you have to do it from within BluPods and it will synch back to your calendar

7. How do I invite people to my Pods?

There are two ways to do so: Invite them from within the App. They’ll then have to accept the invitation.

Or they can download BluPods and search for your Pod and follow it. If your Pod is private, they’ll need to enter your invitation code

8. Can people following my pod send me messages?

The only person that can send posts are owners of Pods, but you can make anyone of your Followers into co-Pod Owners.

Pod followers, while they cannot send Posts to the Pod, are able to communicate via “comments” associated to the posts sent

9. Can anyone be an owner and a follower of Pods?

Absolutely. You can create as many pods as you need; and of course, be part of the Pods where you are engaged. The Pods you follow are under Pod Central; while the Pods you created are under Pod Manager.

What else? We are sure you may have many more questions. We welcome all thoughts and perspective, so please send us an email at or via the Contact tab that you can find at the top of the page.

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