Engagement through Actions!

With BluPods, create your groups (we call them Pods), and invite your teams, pupils, volunteers and friends.

Then send “Actions” and engage them through one-touch responses, across all the needs you may have!

We are about getting stuff done in your Pods and driving engagement.

We are for Doers.


Create Pods, follow Pods
Engage in your Pods

We make it really easy to create your groups, invite folks to join you, or let them follow your Pod. Pods can either be public or private. The better defined the Pod, the better the engagement.


Send "Actions"

Communities work differently. It isn't about email threads or walls of selfies. It is about getting stuff done. That is why with BluPods, you send Actions. Want to ask questions? Want to request volunteers? Want to give instructions? Go ahead, and responses are just a tap away.

Everything Tracked

Always know where you stand

Whether you are the owner of a pod, or the followers, always know what is expected. Your commitments are tracked and integrated with your calendar. All responses are captured instantaneoulsy and available a click away.

Choose actions to associate with your message!


Create events with a date, start time, duration and location; track RSVPs. Members will see the event on their Calendar.


Poll your group and gather feedback. Know your group's preferences.


Set important dates and milestones. Your group members can respond with the tap of a button.


Ask members to volunteer for events. Setup one person or multi-person volunteer roles.


Keep your group in the know with important announcements and last minute changes.


more to come

We're just getting started.... these are the actions that we support today... but we're working on more.